Nina stands in front of coffee mural holding a cup
October 17, 2019

Suburban Coffee


For me, the best meetings, the happiest brainstorming sessions, the most emotionally moving conversations, the most productive working hours, have all happened in welcoming arms of a local coffee shop. ......

Baltimore row house
July 7, 2019

Half + Half


I drink my coffee black. Occasionally you’ll see a latte in my hand, occasionally…It was a bet once between me and my husband: who could go the longest without adding ......

Baltimore ginger mojito gate
May 14, 2019

Ginger Mojito

Baltimore, Fell's Point

Spinach, strawberry, mint, ginger, lime, coconut water & chia; adds up to one delicious Ginger Mojito at EarthShake. This is one of about a zillion fresh beverage combinations at my ......

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