Driving Thousands
of Miles Each Year…

I've learned to

where I'm planted.


Here at THE LOCAL WANDER I do things a little differently than your average Realtor lady.

to meander with no place in mind. to slowly move away from a fixed place. To move in a casual way. To roam.

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Driving thousands of miles in my state & opening doors to hundreds of homes, I see what makes local communities great. To connect a person to his/her new ‘home’ I have to k n o w it & the best way to learn is through residents and local businesses. The true vibe.

February 21, 2019

Winter Scone

annapolis, Food

“Paris” “Great beard, you are beginning to look like a Sea Captain” “Do you happen to have a biodegradable fork?” Taking in the sounds as I wait for my tea ......

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