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Vibrant, kind, quality, fun, energetic, generous. Those are the words that first come to mind when I think of Eclectic Blooms. Kira, the owner of this Annapolis-based business, is a new friend of mine and I couldn’t be happier to share her gift with you right here.

I want people to know that we are a small, minority owned business that values creativity, inclusiveness, community and good vibes!

Kira, Owner Eclectic Blooms

Eclectic Blooms is a floral business that doesn’t have to lead with the flowers (*although* go take a minute to drool over her portfolio ) but rather ushers in that joyous feeling with her services, the flowers are part of the beauty she brings. Creatively, Kira has found ways to include florals into other aspects of daily life outside of just weddings and events. Recently I purchased smudge sticks; I am elated to give them to new home owners to clear out juju and ceremoniously mark the brilliant occasion of home ownership.

Here is a little snippet from our Q&A

Kira, what keeps you inspired?

“Music, food, colors, travel, nature, other creatives- just the desire to get out there and create. All I need is a good playlist.”

What prompted you to go into business?

“I actually had no desire to be a Floral Designer. I’ve always been an artist/creative, singing, playing instruments, painting and floral design was another creative outlet for me. I reached out to an established designer to see if I could be an apprentice or volunteer to learn more about flowers. I felt like I was a quick study and after a month or so, I would receive photos of my work at various weddings/events. Slowly, but surely, I stopped receiving calls to come and work at the studio. When I went to pick up my check, I was told that my skills just weren’t where they needed to be and that I should maybe go to floral design school or do something to improve my skills. It was a completely 180 from all of the prior feedback I had received. I’m a big believer in signs and took it as one that I should just venture out and do my own thing. Two years later, here we are.”

What is your favorite product?

“Besides flowers, it’d have to be the Floral Smudge Sticks. It’s so important to clear out negative energy, set your intentions, and just shift your focus. The smudge sticks are a perfect way to do that.”

So what is the dream? What is the vision for Eclectic Blooms?

I’d love to be doing more editorial work. Designing for magazines, movies, shows, artists, etc. I’d also love to evolve the philanthropic side of the business. As I mentioned, community is very important to me. My background is in social work and I’ve grown up being an active part in my community. Women/girl Empowerment is very near and dear to me, so I’d love to mentor and train young women within my community about the art of Floral Design. I look forward to connecting, empowering and growing.

Kira, we are SO glad you made the leap and started Eclectic Blooms! You’ve created a space for those of us who want a unique experience, a personal process and who seek simple joys in our daily lives. You’re leaving a mark on the world of flowers and paving the way for many. We are proud to know you!

So you scrolled to the bottom for a synopsis…

Who? Eclectic Blooms, a vibrant, hip, creative local florist based in Annapolis

What? Flower subscpritoin, custom arrangments, events and even smudge sticks (good vibes only please & thank you).

Where can I find them? Order directly on their website AND follow them on the gram: @eclecticblooms

Want to share Annapolis as your home-base like Eclectic Blooms? Click on the front door!

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