Donut Alliance

Driving down Harford Road in Lauraville, just before you hit Herring Run Park, there are two block in between Weaver and Montebello that you must visit. It is a rainbow of storefronts, with Donut Alliance smack in the center.

During quarantine I made an active choice to patronize a small business wherever my clients were house hunting; I bring home the goodies to share with my family. With a lot of local shops quickly pivoting and offering easy pre-order or contactless pickup it hasn’t been terribly difficult. It is also oddly fun to experience local delicacies in the comfort of my own home. My children shriek with excitement a little more than usual at the front window when they see me pulling in, knowing I probably brought something fun home…

Back to why you are here…the donuts.

Recently, I discovered a local Vegan Donut shop on instagram. Their social media game is strong (they actually make mini-music videos of their donuts to love songs, I naturally felt a connection right away). One of my buyers just went under contract a bit further North in Parkville, a perfect excuse to pop-by Donut Alliance.

Two Sundays in a row I tried to get my hands on those beautiful donuts and failed; they sell out fast! But the third Sunday, I strategically got there right after opening and joined the 6ft spaced line to get a box to-go.

These are the flavors I order and highly recommend: lemon poppy, creme brûlée, cinnamon sugar, maple nut and strawberry. You have to follow on Instagram and/or Facebook to catch the weekly rotating menu, it’s a lot of fun to keep up with them.

A few things that are worth noting about this business.

  1. They chose Harford Rd in Lauraville/Beverly Hills, it isn’t a fancy downtown like Fell’s or Canton, they are part of a diverse movement for small business growth on Main Street there- bravo!
  2. They are a VEGAN business. How they can make a donut taste just as delicious as a non-vegan donut is an absolute mystery. I was totally shook after my first bite into their Lemon Poppy.
  3. During the quarantine, they have remained fully open and successful at that. Selling out each weekend is something to be proud of!
  4. The store is under major construction/renovation and they haven’t had any delays in service or product (again…during a pandemic)
  5. Contactless purchases and CDC guidelines are all being met, I was in and out within 5 minutes, one person behind the counter.

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      Thank you for the comment! The next time you’re in town we will definitely get some 🙂 -Love N.

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