Wander Homes Buy & Sell Guides

The best way to set yourself up for success is by front loading your home buying + selling journey with my crash course. There are many gears that need to turn in sync with one another once you ‘find the one’ or upon receiving an offer for your home - if you can hear these imminent steps and considerations prior to game time the easier things will be. These guides are readily available to download right here. Everyone has unique needs, I am happy to help you work through your precise timeline individually. You deserve to know what your options are and to have an advocate each step of the way.

Market Updates

Each quarter I share digestible numbers based on things buyers ask the most: How fast are homes selling? How much over/under are houses closing for? Are homes moving slower or faster than before? Alongside the numbers are examples of success stories for my clients in each of the areas I serve and some predictions.