Brewing Good Coffee

The name gets right to the point. They brew especially good coffee and they are on a mission to do good with it. Meet me new favorite coffee shop, Brewing Good Coffee. They just made living in the suburbs of Howard and Anne Arundel County a lot cooler.

“Our passion, our calling, is making the world a better place by protecting people, animals, and the environment and having as much fun as possible while doing it. “

-brewing good coffee

Picture it: Savage, MD 2023 (said as Sophia Petrillo)

Why I was here?

I enjoy being early to my showing appointments. Being early removes stress, sure, but also provides opportunity. I like to play pretend: what would my life look like if I lived here? Planning ahead this Friday, I included an hour of getting lost in Savage Mill. All good adventures start with a dairy-free cappuccino.

Brewing Good Coffee had been on my radar since they opened pre-covid. If you don’t follow them on IG do so HERE. The pandemic limited the accessibility for me. I am elated to see they are open to the public and now have indoor + outdoor seating to enjoy.

It was a sunny January, but not warm enough to sit outside. Thankful to have the large indoor seating a short walk next door. The interior is a perfect space to work: ample seating, good lighting and so many dreamy plants. There were only two other people in there the entire time, super quiet.

Ok back to the actual coffee…

Was it good?

Typically I am a dark roast gal, but, if espresso is involved, I prefer a medium roast and cinnamon on top. I can confirm, both of these things are present in their caps (that what the cool kids call them, right?). It was a full bodied flavor with zero bitter aftertaste. So dang good! I returned to the shop after sipping my cup empty to buy a pound of their roast. We have been using it slowly and it’s a fan favorite. They have subscriptions (hint hint for Mother’s Day Aaron if you’re reading this).

Making good coffee and have an enjoyable space is great, yet, when we can do more I go out of my way to high five. Brewing Good Coffee is an community advocate for people and animals. We should all support spaces like this.

From their site:

“Brewing Good Coffee Company is vegan owned and operated and we believe in promoting a culture of compassion and responsible stewardship of our earth. Every bag of coffee you, our customers, enjoy supports the animals for whom our partner organizations are working to protect, as well as the farmers who get fair prices for their environmentally-friendly coffees that Brewing Good Coffee Company buys.”

Would I go back?

Ample indoor seating, good coffee, delightful music, joyous baristas, community board game closet, table/chairs for kiddos – those are six reasons while I will be a returning customer.

So you scrolled to the bottom for a synopsis…

  • Delicious Coffee
  • Dynamite location, super unique and perfect for remote work a a BFF catch up
  • Sustainable Beans and Compostable/Recyclable Products
  • Vegan + a lot of gluten free options
  • Mission to support animals and people – they do GOOD work

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