Wander Home Annapolis

Episode 1

Annapolis was gifted with a space that truly celebrates art from a global perspective 🌎 Here, you will enter a boutique and leave with a one of a kind piece with a deeper meaning than you knew possible. Let’s meet my friends Shannon, owner of @mangoandmain, a fair trade boutique on @MarylandAve 🏑

Episode 2

All are welcome, better yet, encouraged to be the best version of themselves at this next business πŸ€— It's fresh and it's new and it's making a physical impact on their patrons. Let's go taste the colorful menu and meet another favorite human of mine at Rutabaga Juicery & Eats.

Episode 3

You will find the proudest residents of Annapolis in the James Brice House; the offices of Historic Annapolis. This non-profit is a collection of storytellers, sharing and protecting nearly 400 years of local history. Here, we are going to meet a handful of the dedicated staff preserving the structures that literally shape our view of downtown.

Launch Party!

As a Realtor, finding the heartbeat of a community is the creative center of my business 🏑 Annapolis, your heart was beating to the sound of a captivating drum at the Wander Home Launch. I’m forever grateful for the support and outpouring of kindness from friends, clients, local bloggers and, yes, the amazing local businesses that make Annapolis a great place to call H O M E ❀️