About Me

I am Nina Galvez and, for now, Maryland is home. Out of the many hats I wear, my favorites are: wife, mother, business owner and wanderluster. I’m a ridiculously good Realtor, matchmaking a person to his/her community. It never gets less exciting! Being outside is one of my favorite things along with coffee, good music and pizza. It is a good day for me if I can unplug, have at least one belly laugh and eat some delicious food.

Traveling to communities I wouldn’t have otherwise been is a huge perk of my job. I do not roll my eyes at the amount of miles I put on my car, rather, I look at it as an opportunity to see the beauty of my local area. My life is firmly planted, I cannot uproot and travel carelessly. So, I’m making a decision to bloom where I am planted and enjoy right now.

About the Blog

It became clear that there are people like me: those who want to experience the world, but simply cannot for various reasons.  In September of 2017 I decided to create a space where I share my ‘local’ wanderlust. I’ve had cultural experiences, tried new food and met some of the most incredible people right here in Maryland. This blog highlights places that are quintessential local dives and businesses offering something unique. The mission is that you leave feeling inspired to get out and see what is beautiful about where you live.



Driving thousands of miles in my state & opening doors to hundreds of homes, I see what makes local communities great. To connect a person to his/her new ‘home’ I have to k n o w it & the best way to learn is through residents and local businesses. The true vibe.