Takeover Together

I don’t know about you, but, social distancing is a buzzword that makes my stomach turn. I’m not debating the efficacy or importance, no doubt it is vital; but, it goes against every fiber of my being. My business name literally has ‘wander’ in it. I live for exploring what makes a community a great place to call ‘home’. So what am I supposed to do? You’re right give up, it’s too large a hurdle to overcome.

HAH! If only that were my nature. You will now experience fresh content and explore businesses with me in our very own virtual community: The Local Wander Takeover. Up until now, my blog has been solely my voice, my experience and perspective on local businesses, but now you get to hear it directly from their voices.

When COVID-19 started to shut down the small business world, I didn’t know how I could throw my support in a way that was uniquely me. The Local Wander Takeover is my creative solution and truth be told, a dream of mine to host. Each week, a local business gets to takeover my instagram account. Yes, you’re reading that correctly. I’m essentially giving away my account.

You will meet event planners, filmmakers, coffee roasters, farmers, calligraphers, chefs, travel agents and many more. All of whom run their businesses and call Maryland home. During their takeover, you can interact with them, ask questions about their business and learn more about how you can support them right now.

My response to social distancing: we are STILL better together, even when we can’t BE together. I hope you enjoy this experience as much as I do.

So…you scrolled to the bottom for a synopsis …

  • I’m not a fan of being away from businesses that I love
  • Supporting local business and non-profits is more of a priority than ever during social distancing
  • Each week I give my account away for a day to a local to introduce you to his/her business and how we can help during COVID-19
  • First takeover is March 25th @thelocalwander
  • Videos will be archived and shared on my youtube channel

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