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Half + Half

I drink my coffee black. Occasionally you’ll see a latte in my hand, occasionally…It was a bet once between me and my husband: who could go the longest without adding half + half or sugar. The first day was horrible, I was sad to the core. Coffee and I had been doing so well until this point and now it was bitter and strong. Confusion ensued. Did I even like coffee to begin with?

Black Iced Coffee

Fast forward 8 years…the bet never ended. When I started drinking coffee this way I didn’t know how the story would end. I wouldn’t have believed that I’d prefer coffee this way. Can you relate to this feeling? I’m going to share with you a personal struggle that feels a lot like the first few days without half + half: this year is not going as planned.

“I like my sugar with coffee and cream”

Beastie Boys

On my agenda for the new year are three categories of goals. At the top there is a set of creative, soul fulfilling goals like visiting 52 local spots. You will see a set of physical goals like doing a pistol squat or bench press 100 lbs. I am seriously crushing is this year! There is also a massive, quantifiable business goal, like my commission number.

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And now that we are halfway it’s time to check in on that very measurable BIG goal! Am I at least 50%? Nope. Let me lay this out in lavender for you. Clear as day. I am failing at my goal right now. Wow did that hurt to write out. I’m not where I want to be and I just want some half + half to sweeten up this bitter coffee.

Attitude is the difference between and ordeal and an adventure”

– Bob Bitchin

Rather than putting a big, ‘but’ right here and rolling with a cliche that it will all be sunshine and rainbows very soon; I prefer the use of the improvisation rule of ‘yes and..’. Do you know it? Agree and add, it’s how the comedic genius works.

Blue tile bathtub

Here is was my journal looks like right now.


Yes, I am not near my goal AND I’m stoked to see how it all comes together.

Yes, I haven’t sold as many houses as I sought out to AND I am more creatively fulfilled than ever.

Yes, there have been deals that have fallen apart AND I’m a better Realtor.

Yes, I am going to be successful this year AND it will feel heavenly to do so in my own passionate way.

So now what? How do I apply the ‘and’ part practically in my life?

Friend, we’re half full. Does the January goal fire need stoking? Can you embrace a new lifestyle pattern? I want you to ‘yes, and’ your goals with me. Incorporate these SIX tips I’ve picked up along the way. I’m coming in clutch for the latter half of the year with good practices amidst missing the mark.

mural spells love

July through December please do these things

BE KIND to yourself. You set strategic goals to become a better version of yourself, no? Beating yourself up is not conducive to growth and is the easy thing to do here. If you’re a step further ahead in some way, you’re doing something right. Give yourself the pep talk you’d give your best friend and be kind.

Embrace flexibility. Too often we are not flexible in life. Sift through articles on the most successful entrepreneurs in the world; they all mention flexibility & teach-ability as top traits. Sometimes ‘failing’ at our goals is the universe giving you the opportunity to be flexible. It is a skill set to learn only from experience. Allow your goals to be fluid.

Revisit. Ask a few questions. What were your goals? Is your life any different than it was in January? Have there been any monkey wrenches or circumstances that have changed? Life rarely goes as planned. It’s ok to understand how your circumstances have changed and what part that plays.

Re-calibrate. Sometimes you need a new goal…seriously, maybe that goal was trash and wouldn’t give you the life you want to live. Maybe it became more about the destination than the road to it. It’s acceptable to change course half-way, these are your goals after all.

Schedule fun. That’s right- put it on your calendar every week same as getting milk at the store. A hustler hustles best when he/she is in the zone. As hard as it is, I will shut down the laptop with a few unanswered emails to do something fun. My best work gets done when I am my best self.

Mastermind. Find a group, on social media or in person, to be a part of. There is someone else in the world not meeting a goal right now and I bet they’d like to be built up and help build you up.

This post has proven to be one of the more cathartic writing activities I’ve done. I couldn’t write something that wasn’t absolutely true. Putting thoughts down as words to share demands the highest level of authenticity. Please know that if I’m asking you to do something, I’m doing it too. You have a friend in me here. Thank you for the time you spent with me and my words. Now lets find someone who is chasing after a goal and help! 

If buying a home is one of YOUR goals this year…click on my favorite door of 2019 thus far to start your search

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