vintage cream couch in front of a vivid 5 foot tall dragonfly mural next to a vintage chandelier

Vignette Home Table Garden

My advice for first-time visitors to this store: arrive with the expectation that you will drop your jaw, gasp with a hand over your mouth and say ‘oh my God I love it’ roughly 5x every 15 minutes.

Vignette Home Table Garden defines their business as, “a lifestyle store, that pushes home, table and garden to the forefront. We know that home is the canvas we get to create, make soft, illuminate, and find comfort in.” (c/o Vignette -Brb…sobbing- That is how I feel about the space we get to call home. Life bursts from the little corners where we dwell. Invest in your space treat it as a canvas with beautifully crafted pieces from Vignette.

Now that I’ve set the tone for just how much I enjoyed my time here; allow me to tell you why I was there, what I got and why I will be a repeat customer.

I needed a closing gift, a wedding gift and a gift simply to cheer a friend up. The range of those occasions were no challenge for the inventory at Vignette.

Here are some of my favorite items I walked away with and the piece I regret NOT getting that afternoon.

Camp Craft Cocktail Kit

Shop it HERE

Dehydrated ingredients get rehydrated by the liquor of your choice for three days in this jar. It infuses the elements making a perfect cocktail. You can pour to share, or do what I (and you too who are you kidding) would do and throw in a straw and call it a day.

Smudge Stick

Shop it HERE

No bad vibes in your new house ya’ll. Really, I don’t understand the complexities of how it works; but, I do believe that spaces hold energy. Smudge it away with this locally curated gift. Upon further research these sticks are anti-bacterial as well.

Seagrass Glass + Pitcher

Shop it HERE

I struggle with knowing what is fancy. When in doubt, go with something unique. Who can argue that I bought the wrong kind of glasses when they are as fun as this!? This was one of many glass + pitcher combos that caught my eye.

Mango Wave Platter

Shop it HERE

I walked back to this piece several times. I picked it up, put it down, picked it up, put it down. Thank the Lord the shop owner is insanely kind- more on that later – it is stunning to see in person. Elevate a family dinner or step up your cheese board skills with this timeless piece. I did not end up buying this and have lost a little sleep over that. Looking forward to a second trip!

Laura, the owner of this shop greeted me that afternoon. Previously I messaged her on Instagram to confirm the business hours. In the world of COVID, not every business can reasonably stay open as normal. She offered me curbside, wrapping, whatever she could do to make my time-crunch gift shopping a smashing success.

Obnoxiously I took-over her front counter and planned out the gift baskets and she totally stayed out of my way. Gently guiding the wandering shoppers, signing for USPS packages and answering the phone. Without hesitation, she wrapped my gifts into individual bags to properly present to the recipients.

You know that circus act of plate spinning? Small businesses like Vignette are masters at that craft, but they do it with a contagious smile. Her kindness did not go unnoticed.

So…you scrolled to the bottom for a synopsis.

You support Vignette because you are someone who…

  • wants to support female owned businesses
  • like to shop small+ local
  • enjoys being a rockstar gift giver
  • adores the sweet owner, Laura
  • knows that COVID shut down happened 3 days after she opened
  • understands the importance of gift giving to loved ones
  • is on a time crunch and needs a one-stop shop for any life occasion

Here is where you can find Vignette Home Table Garden

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