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I want you to meet my newest favorite Baltimore-based business. Mora and Henry built a successful family company named after their adorable daughter, Zoe. Recently, I had the opportunity to ask Mora a few questions about their start and where they are going with the brand. And, expected, her answer blew me away. I want you to meet, Zoe & Co. Candle Company: a soy-based candle and home fragrance company.

Regarding their origin story, I was astounded to hear that they had only been in business FIVE months. Yes, that’s right, they successfully started this business during quarantine (can you says #powercouple?). The passion for candles was already there, though. A few years prior, in 2017, they eagerly awaited the arrival of their daughter. Candle making was something they could do together to pass the time and relax before the birth and that love never faded.

Simply put, they are inspired by their daughter, the namesake of the Company. This familial feeling doesn’t stop there. In recent months I’ve seen small batch candles they’ve done or specialty scents to honor a family member, like their Roxanne candle (scent profile: jasmine, fresh lavender, musk, cedar & Asian sandalwood). The approach at Zoe & Co is distinctive, their craft is distinctive and the scent profiles are distinctive. These are 100% soy based, no soy-blended materials and the scent oils are all phthalate-free.

Personally, I purchased a candle for a client and my husband nearly had to pry it from my hands to put it in the gift bag. Lavender is a scent I go crazy for, it takes me to a dazzling season of my life when I used lavender oil regularly; olfactory sensors are amazing like that. Their lavender was as perfect as you can get and it smelled so rich; a room-filling aroma.

Leaning into the Fall/Winter months you will find a few seasonal scents, but nothing basic, that isn’t how Zoe & Co rolls. Some of the scents that I have in my cart are: Brown Sugar & Fig, Sweater Weather and Apple Maple Bourbon. Also stay tuned for reed diffusers and gift sets to pair with their newest wax melt products.

Where is Zoe & Co going? I asked them directly and here is their visioned response: ” We love the home d├ęcor space, and would like to partner with interior designers/ stagers, small shops and continue to grow our online presence. We are testing and perfecting our craft constantly, to offer the best product we can!”

Cheers to you, Mora, Henry and Zoe! We are so happy you took the jump and became a business we all love. You take me to a nostalgic place of mind, make my house literally smell like a spa and you are another reason why Baltimore is a great place to call HOME.

So you scrolled to the bottom for a synopsis…

Who? Zoe & Co Candle Company, a family run, soy candle business that started during the COVID pandemic in April.

Where? Baltimore! They deliver to an 8-mile radius from Parkville OR they can ship

Why? This started as a project to do together as they waited for the arrival of their daughter, Zoe. When they were cooped up during the pandemic they gave it a shot as a full-fledged business (and I am SO happy they did!!!)

How can I find them and purchase? On the ‘gram of course! And you can browse their myriad of revolving scent selections on their site: https://zoeandcocandles.com/

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