Federal Hill

A community of 1800’s era brick row homes, Federal Hill sits on a peninsula surrounded by her friends: Riverside, Otterbein and the little sister down the Street, Locust Point. I love Federal Hill because it is the most accessible part of the City from the ‘burbs. You have Cross Street Market with a lovely rotating list of vendor stalls, two major commercial streets (S Charles and Light Street) just crawling with bars, cafes and boutiques. There are a million reasons to visit and I want to share just a few of my favorites.

Fed. Hill is a competitive housing market compared to other neighborhoods in Baltimore. The average sale price rose from $323k in 2015 to $362k in May of 2021. The average day on market shifted from 95 days in 2015 to 17 this May. If you’ve followed real estate at all, you know that is has been the Wild West 2020-2021, Federal Hill is not immune to the market flex we’ve witnessed elsewhere.

Live Here

My newest listing is LIVE! 1402 Battery Ave, offered at $305,000 – click the front door to head over to the listing.

From my initial visit to this home, I have been swooned. First things first, I got rockstar parking right out front & each visit thereafter. When I hopped out of the car, I was greeted by two or three families that were front porch stooping on a gentle spring evening. I’m talking about that yummy golden hour time. This welcome committee was kind, receptive and so relaxed, it was an instant vibe check, this is a fun block to call home.

The owners— equally, if not more welcoming & kind. They easily fell in love with this home largely in part to the insane views, but the perfect, and I do mean PERFECT balance of eclectic charm and modern updates. Literally there’s so much room for activities: eat in kitchen, dining room, living room, basement storage, office, outdoor brick patio (yes the string lights are staying), third floor flex space with a bonus loft and a double decker rooftop deck.

Brunch Here

Light Street Cafe

My first visit lasted several hours. I was 8 months pregnant, Mama wanted waffles. What the cafe doesn’t offer in ambience was made up for with the company of my BFF since I was 14, meaningful conversation and a sugar high. For this singular visit alone, I will always have a special place in my heart for Light Street Cafe. It is unsuspecting, hiding in plain sight, the best daggon brunch in Federal Hill.

shout out to a BFF of 15+ years who is always down to get breakfast

Dine Here

Little Havana

Can we have a slow clap really quick for Cuban food?

If I had infinite time, money and sage wisdom; I think I would choose to spend the rest of my days happily eating Tostones from Little Havana. I will never be able to understand why they are so good. It could be the blasting Island music, the spicy margarita, the adoring stare from my handsome Cuban husband or that the plantains were picked straight from heaven. All of that is to say: the food and ambience are top notch. Personal fan favorite of mine would be the Birria tacos. Hubby said the Cubano reminded him of his Abuelo’s cooking so it’s also a 10 out of 10.

Walk Here

Federal Hill Park

You thinking, ‘Duh Nina, be original’. Well, walking up the stairs to the top of Federal Hill is one of my favorite things to do. I’ve found myself pulling over before heading back to the ‘burbs and breathing in the view one last time. You get an unbeatable view of the Harbor, insane amount of wind to cool you down on a hot day and literally the best people watching in town. I’m talking instagram influencers, puppy yoga, couples breaking up kind of people watching.

woot! there I am on top of the hill like the wannabe influencer I am!

Shop Here

Cheese Galore and More

Fed Hill Crack is a thing, while I was offended when told to go to this address and as for it -my taste buds were not. Cheese Galore is a specialty wine and cheese shop with a hometown deli feel. The kindess staff around with some lovely suggestions on pairings. I was able to snatch some macarons and an assortment of crackers to make a stellar board in the comfort of my own home. Do yourself a favor and try the Fed Hill Crack, don’t @ me until you’ve tried it.

So I’ve convinced you to move to Federal Hill…

Convenience, walkability, moderately priced homes, terrible parking and delicious restaurants- it is what makes this community a great place to call HOME. Click on the front door below to house hunt in the neighborhood!

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