Second Chance Inc.

Wowza, this blog has been a long time coming. I couldn’t possibly be more excited to share this glorious space with you. It is a local wander within a wander within a wander. Yea you read that right. Second Chance Inc. is the best kind of overwhelming inception for this non-profit loving, local exploring, historic house appreciating gal. Second Chance is quintessential Maryland because it is: eclectic, historic, welcoming to all, progressive, environmentally concise and has a business model that is creative as heck.

I could walk around this store all day, day dreaming of the previous life these object lived and the future they may have. This is a 10 out of 10 recommendation directly to YOU, go visit them and support something inherently good.

Second Chance is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that provides people, materials and the environment with a second chance. We deconstruct buildings and homes, salvage usable materials, and make those and other donated items available to the public for reuse at our more than 200,000 square foot retail center. With the revenue generated, we provide job training and workforce development for those with various employment obstacles in the Baltimore region.

From its inception, Second Chance has been an innovative social enterprise with a true triple-bottom-line focus. That means we strive to make sure everything we do is: environmentally sound, socially responsible and financially viable.


  1. A warehouse packed to the gills with previously loved home items including, but not limited to: lumber, bricks, pavers, chandeliers, art, chairs, windows, bathroom vanities, furniture, door knobs, magazines.
  2. Deconstruction teams remove items which can be repurposed from homes being renovated or torn down. Salvaged items are for sale in the warehouse to support the mission. This is the part that is helpful not only to you as a homeowner, but also the environment. Don’t demolish and dump at the landfill. Rather give new life to the materials, lessening your carbon footprint. In 2020 they saved 11 million pounds of waste destined for a landfill.
  3. Job skills training and workforce development. Second Chance provides professional training for unemployed individuals who are overcoming socioeconomic road blocks.


If you are coming from South of Baltimore, you cannot miss the big orange letters on the warehouse to your left across from Horseshoe Casino: WHAT IS AND WHAT CAN BE.

Second Chance is located in the Heart of Downtown at the cross roads of Pigtown and 295 North. Their deconstruction teams reach the greater Baltimore Metro area.


  1. The good stuff. The tangible items are getting a second chance, but more importantly, those employed here are getting a second chance. This non-profit offers a job skills training program as part of their deconstruction sector to ‘those overcoming barriers to employment’ ie previously incarcerated and homeless individuals. Do you have any recollection of how hard it was to get your first job as a teenager without a resume or fresh out of college? I do, and I can’t whine about it because I was privileged enough to have that opportunity given to me. Because of my socioeconomic standing, better yet my parent’s, someone gave me a chance. According to Prison Policy, “formerly incarcerated people are unemployed at a rate of over 27% — higher than the total U.S. unemployment rate during any historical period, including the Great Depression.” Even in that horrendous data, the odds are more stacked against formerly incarcerated BIPOC; a staggering 35.5%-43.6% in contrast to 18.4%-23.2% for white men and white women.
  2. YOU! You can participate in this movement. You can buy their products, donate online, volunteer in their store, hire them for deconstruction. Go ahead, buy the ugliest house on the block, hire second chance to deconstruct and get the tax write off- then renovate it and get a CHAP tax credit. All problems solved.

So you scrolled to the bottom for a synopsis…

  • Second Chance repurposes household goods and construction material, you can purchase at their warehouse
  • If you are demolishing or renovating a home in the greater Baltimore area, help Mother Earth and call Second Chance for a proper deconstruction instead of adding literal tons to a landfill
  • Second hand finds are great, taking less to the landfill is also great, but providing employment opportunities and workforce development to individuals set back by socioeconomic factors is truly the heart and soul of this organization.

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