Ice Queens

I’ve never lived in a community that talks about the weather as much as right here in Maryland.

‘Beautiful weather we are having today’, I say to a passing neighbor.

‘Give it a few minutes, it’s bound to change’, they say in response.

There is a positive side effect to sporadic weather. Come February, we sometimes have 65 degree sunshine between snow days. And once every so often, those 65 degree days land on a Saturday!

Our morning started at LaTrobe. My kids had planned a playdate on the lacrosse field. Because it was unseasonably warm, I managed to get the entire family there, husband and all. Naturally, we needed a treat after the exhausting morning running around with friends.

My master plan all along: a family trip to Ice Queens in Locust Point. I not-so-secretly want to move to Locust Point. I figured I would shoot my shot this Saturday with my family in tow. Ice Queens Snoballs would seal the deal.

This local business opened in the Spring of 2020 on the corner of Fort and Andre. Your curiosity will peak as you walk by the vibrant sidewalk art. Then, you will be locked in as you peruse the packed menu on display.

What you may not know before arriving, is that this is a Baltimore treat shop with New Orleans style. Meaning: you can enjoy an egg custard or skylite alongside a warm beignet. It is a combination I didn’t know I absolutely needed.

There are brownie bowls, a hello kitty speciality ice, croissants, waffles and dozens of snoball flavors. You can add toppings to your ice like nerds, sour worms, sprinkles, old fashioned cream. For you crazy Marylanders there is a marshmallow option (still don’t get behind that concept sorry).

The staff was welcoming and appeared as excited to see us at the walk up window as we were to be there. You get the immediete impression, that the staff are good hearted people who enjoy dynamite food and hold outstanding company. I am happy to discover -and not surprised- Ice Queens gives back to their community with specialty snoballs which raise money for local non-profits. Learn more about this on their website.

We sat outside giggling together, watching the cars pass by, meeting Locust Point pups as they eagerly await their puppy snoballs (yes, they have a dog friendly menu too!).

The jury is still out if I can convince my husband to live with me in a charming row home in Locust Point. But, we made progress on this sunny Saturday as noted by his ear-to-ear grin.

Ice Queens is a female, locally owned business worth supporting. Beyond that, their products are downright sensational. You do not need any more reason to patronize this establishment. Follow along their social media handles @_icequeens for updated Spring and Summer hours.

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