Short Stack: Little Market Cafe

Last November I made a wrong turn, when I was already late. I know, it’s beginning to feel like a page out of Alanis Morissette’s ‘Ironic’. On instagram, I share a little about my mindset as I first experienced Little Market Cafe in Historic Ellicott City.

At that time I was unable to linger and enjoy the cafe patio terribly long. Again, it was freezing November and there is no indoor seating. As I walked back to my car, I thought of what my next trip to day at Little Market Cafe would be like.

In this daydream, it is warm. I am not in a rush, rather, I have a book and ‘pretend’ to work. There are birds chirping and I faintly overhear discussions amongst friends. Neighbors bump into one another, and give one of those ‘hurt your ribs’ kid of hugs. Artists blend in like scattered little lawn gnomes as they paint the collage of colors. The shade keeps me cool and compliment the breeze humming from the roaring river. My belly is full from their Gracie panini: turkey with cranberry relish, red onion, butter lettuce and provolone on sourdough. My thirst is satisfied by freshly squeezed lemonade.

This wasn’t only a daydream, it was my reality last week. I carved out time to revisit the Little Market Cafe. It was a brilliant afternoon that propelled into a good mood for the rest of the week. I helped a first time Little Market Cafe visitor navigate the menu, I held a dog leash for someone needing to grab their food and I even chatted with a retired gentleman who frequents this spot on Friday mornings for his cappucino. Everything and everyone was simply lovely.

I encourage you to make a day dream your reality and explore a little this week. Talk to a stranger, indulge in good food and feel that breeze on your skin. It made me wonder if people who call Ellicott City home have this sort of afternoon all the time; what a gift!

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