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Oh wait, you know Jami too? Seriously, the girl is connected. Regularly, whether it is someone I’m working with or meeting at an event or as simple as my neighbor tells me that they also know Jami. And it’s a good thing we all know her because beyond being insanely kind and a cheerleader for local businesses; Jami is a total badass artist in her own right. ‘Jami Creates’ offers an excuse to laugh and smile at daily life through her platform. Do yourself a favor and follow her instagram right now before you read the rest of this post. Go ahead…we will wait @Jami_Creates

Welcome back. You see what I’m talking about?! Relatable art, inspiring images and a slough of varying products. She is a local digital artist based right here in Anne Arundel County. Contrary to what you might think, Jami Creates has been around for a grand total of FOUR MONTHS. Out of the instability that COVID provided us, a few sparks grew to flames, like this one right here. She was encouraged by her community of friends to start making her hobby into a business and she began to sell the products at the local Wildberry Market and eventually Etsy. Now, you will notice her dynamite pieces at another favorite of mine HERE. A Pop-up in Town Center Annapolis.

Here is a little snippet from our Q&A

So Jami, what inspires you?

“Life. Everyday I’m doing something, reading something, hearing something, or seeing something that sparks a creative itch and then I just go to town creating. Sometimes I don’t turn around a product of idea as fast as I’d like, but I’m constantly finding inspiration all around me in life.”

Where do you see this business going?

“I’d like to get my products out there into more local shops. I’m currently in one shop: Here a Pop Up. I’d love to be able to get into a few more. Oh man, 5 years? I haven’t even made it 5 months. But honestly I’d just love to have connected with alot more local artists and do a bunch more collabs. Those are my favorite.”

What is your favorite item you sell and why?

“My just winging it butterfly sticker. That is basically my business motto – I swear I’m just making it up as I go. But also the reference for the butterfly was a picture I took when my fiance and I went to the museums in DC. It was such a fun day and it’s cool that I could turn that picture from that memory into something other people get excited to purchase.”

Do you have any upcoming projects or new products that we can support?

“Yes! I am working on t-shirt designs. I have a few MD shirts (Because MD DUH!), but also a few other ones. I’m working on a really cute Shop Small one too I hope to release shortly!”

So you scrolled to the bottom for a synopsis…

Who? Jami!

What does she do? She makes digital art (stickers, sweatshirts, wine glasses you name it)

Where can I find her products? Shop her on Etsy but also look for her products at HERE. A Pop-up Shop and at the Wildberry Markets.

Where is she based? Crownsville-Annapolis based business

How can I stay in the loop of her upcoming projects and events? Follow her on instagram @Jami_Creates

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